Another year is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back and see what we’ve done in 2013. There were 137 blog posts for 2013 with several notable guest essays by Brutus, Darbikrash, Scott Erickson, Kevin Moore(from a detailed comment he made) and ulvfugl. I’ve put out a couple author invitations for people whose comments caught my attention. One has already accepted but is sitting on the sidelines for the time being.

As calculated by wordpress for 2013, Collapse of Industrial Civilization was viewed about 200,000 times, and the top twelve essays were…

  1. Disillusioned in Dismayland
  2. Legion
  3. There Will Be No Miracles Here
  4. “For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”
  5. A Crumbling Cultural Story in a Period of Near-Term Extinction
  6. It Only Happens in the Movies
  7. Questions for Abby Martin Interview
  8. How Big is Your Prison Cell?
  9. Energy Unicorns and Delusional Greenwashing of Industrial Civilization
  10. Drought, Fires and Tree Death: Ignoring Die-Offs Until It’s Our Own
  11. Runaway Climate Change in the Arctic is Just The Beginning
  12. Gulf of Despond

10 things we were reminded of in 2013?

  • Industrial civilization is indeed transitory.
  • Nuclear energy was a very bad idea spawned from the nuclear weapons program and sold to the public by government spin doctors.
  • Industrial civilization is dependent on large inputs of fossil fuels and will continue to use them until it can’t due to diminishing EROEI and environmental pressures.
  • Geoengineering is already being looked upon as the only solution to climate chaos.
  • From the multiple climate feedback loops that have already been triggered, the eventual extinction of man is guaranteed.
  • Capitalism is the predominant religion of the world. Capitalism is how the world works and to question it is blasphemy.
  • Corporations and the wealthy elite will continue to use government as a tool for suppression as well as for looting the planet and fellow human beings.
  • Capitalism feeds off overpopulation and is, to a great degree, dependent on it.
  • Most falsely believe that technology (not energy) runs the world and that technology can and will solve all the world’s major problems.
  • Most don’t realize that technology is a byproduct of available energy resources. Without energy, there is no technology.


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Staring Into the Abyss
Fire Up The Next Great Extinction Event! 
Devouring the ‘Seed Corn’ to Maintain the Present
Weekend Funnies for the Depressed Collapsitarian #5
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Runaway Climate Change in the Arctic is Just The Beginning
Geoengineering and Capitalism
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My Core Beliefs for this Website
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Down by Law
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