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In my post ‘Eat the Rich‘, reader Aptitude Design posted a video that deserves a place of its own. The video illustrates the shocking disparity of wealth(as of 2009) in America compared what the general population thinks is the current situation and what they believe the ideal situation would be. And the gross inequality is continuing to get even worse:

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I notice the Koch brothers are tied for 6th place. These are the people who control government legislation and regulation. The lust for profits perverts everything from the food we eat (Salt, Sugar, Fat) to the choices made on energy policy. You could say that the fate of mankind on planet Earth is at the whim of capital accumulation and those few at the top of that heap.

The blurring of the line that separates profit from state,” I wrote, “has had a far more devastating effect on American values — indeed, on the very notion that anything besides a good financial buzz even has value — than the blurring of that more famously wobbly line that separates church from state.”

I fear this isn’t simply about occasional and inevitable corruption, but the righteous, for-profit gaming of a broken social system in the name of a privatized world. The driving force is privatization, and it seizes on divisive, us-vs.-them “ideals” as moral pretexts for intensifying the profitable breakup of the human commons — that which belongs to all of us, such as “human rights” and justice.
~Robert Koehler

The Separation of Profit and State

While I take some time off to recuperate from the stomach flu, chew on this video: