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I was reading about the creepy Corporate State incident with David Miranda, and what particularly gave me pause was the following excerpt:
“They even asked me about the protests in Brazil, why people were unhappy and who I knew in the government,” said Miranda.
This tells me that the power elite are all on edge right now. Brazil was supposed to be one of the BRIC countries that “benefited” from economic growth in recent times, yet the social unrest is not confined to the backwaters of America’s Empire in the oil-cursed Middle East. The cost of daily essentials is becoming too much for the average person in Brazil.
Numerous environmental and socio-economic tipping points are converging, inevitably leading to social disintegration on a global scale. And it doesn’t help that neoliberal capitalism is accumulating the global wealth into fewer and fewer hands. This situation is what I was referring to in my previous post when I called it a “deadly game of musical chairs.”

The Chrysalis

While I was away, and as time permitted, I entertained myself by musing on the fate of democracy.

Now that I’ve returned home, I’ve also come to a conclusion of sorts. It’s over.  It seems to have returned to where it first began.

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