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The Fruition of ‘Silent Spring’

I was aware that there are 80,000 chemicals being used today with 2,000 new ones introduced by industry each year into the environment, but this video helps emphasize the point. No long-term testing has been done for the health and environmental effects of these manmade chemicals.

Plasticizing the Planet

As with CO2 pollution, humans do first and then live with the consequences later. Plastics? Fugetaboutit!!! Plastics are becoming as ubiquitous as humans on the planet. I recently started taking plastic bags with me to pick up the trash I see at Sedona’s world-famous Oak Creek Canyon. Without much effort I find lots of plastic ranging from pill bottles to coat hangers. Humans are truly “sullying the nest” beyond repair.

Mercury Overload

And we all know there is a limit on seafood consumption due to mercury poisoning, but I did not grasp how deep the problem was until I read this article today. Looks like humans have been overloading the environment with the stuff long before the industrial revolution. Click on the snippet to go to the full article:

Snap 2013-07-11 at 12.04.50

Throw nuclear waste into today’s toxic environmental soup and the physiologic evolution of man would be a freak show of the first order if it were allowed to play out, but I really don’t think things will hold up long enough for us to witness that grotesque transmutation…

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With high levels of autism and various other antisocial behavior manifesting in ‘modern’ society, the maladaptive environment produced by toxins of industrial civilization is a destructive end in and of itself. Some claim lead poisoning lead to the decline of the Roman Empire. Similarly, I can clearly state that capitalist industrial civilization is going mad from a flood of poisonous chemicals.