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I’m coming off my two week blogging binge so posts will be light to nonexistent until I start up again in a few weeks. Studies have shown that inordinate time spent on the internet has harmful effects, both physiologically and psychologically; thus breaks from blogging and the morbid fascination with industrial civilization’s slow-motion train wreck are wise.


Occasionally I’ll scour YouTube for any interesting videos for this site and I found one.

Messing with global biospheric systems which have evolved over millions of years and expecting business-as-usual to continue is perhaps the greatest delusion of man. Civilization-ending runaway climate change could be right around the corner, and from just an intuitive level such a scenario seems all but inevitable. An abrupt change to our comfortable, normalcy-biased mode of living and thinking is very much in the cards – all the more reason for me to stop and smell the roses before there are no roses.