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Hello fellow realists (aka ‘doomers’ in the eyes of optimist-biased public). I’m traveling right now and presently find myself in Parker AZ where the temperature reads 109F in my vehicle. My AC only works when I’m traveling on the highway, so I’ve stopped at a friend’s house here to cool down before venturing out on the road again. A patient of mine told me that this Saturday the temperature could hit 124F, a new record. They call this place, and the communities along the Colorado River between California and Arizona, the ‘Devil’s Armpit’. I had to verify that it really was projected to be that hot:

Snap 2013-06-27 at 18.53.46

123F or 124F, what the hell is the difference at that point? With the Colorado River drying up, the mega-cities of the Southwest will likely become ghost cities in the not too distant future. The Federal government will step in to arbitrate the Southwest’s water wars in order to ensure that the critical resource of water is only allocated to food production, nothing else. Las Vegas just opened up a water park last month and another one is now in the works. What water problem? A fellow blogger agrees with me on the fate of the Southwest…

…As for the Southwest, you’re absolutely right. A severe crisis is ongoing there now. We’ll probably start to see serious community collapse as early as the 2020s with migrations following starting in the 2030s on our current path. Water will probably be the first inhibitor but heat will be terrible. Desalination may be possible in some places that have access to coastal estuaries. But a rising sea level makes that mitigation a challenging prospect…

Meanwhile on another continent, the Swiss are wrapping their glaciers in blankets to ward off the heat. I shit you not:

Snap 2013-06-27 at 19.59.56

Our sinking ship will see a dwindling number of chairs being rearranged as humans scurry around like ants in a disturbed anthill. Sad to see this happen, but Mother Nature giveth and she taketh away in equal measure. In the great scheme of things, all that wealth of industrial civilization that was built off the back of our fossil fuel slaves appears to have been only a mirage. It’s past 8pm now and the sun is down. Time to hit the road.