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Below is a new and beautifully done video on peak oil. It’s easy to forget how extensively oil and fossil fuels are woven into every aspect of daily life in 21st Century Industrial Civilization. A fish isn’t aware of what life would be like without water until its pond dries up. The same is true for most people living in these times and consuming oil and fossil fuels. Having been born and brought up in the present-day bonanza of fossil fuels, we simply expect this extravagant lifestyle to go on forever. But the well will inevitably run dry. Whether the planet’s biosphere will allow us to see that day is another story.

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A note from the creator of the video:

I would argue that business as usual ended with indefinite quantitative easing (QE). Our economy now requires billions of dollars in stimulus every day just to stumble along and to prevent a deflationary collapse. I agree with you that it will likely require a ‘massive crisis’ for most to realize that we are nearing the economic endgame and that peak oil is losing ground, being less understood by most, as a critical issue of our time– and these are two of many reasons why I made this video.