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The learning curve for mankind to fully appreciate the damage he is doing to the planet, effectively altering his doomsday trajectory in a timely fashion, is long past due. Knowing that mankind has set in motion a series of climate tipping points whose lethal effects will spare no living organism over the next several decades, I find little amusement in the continued display of ignorance by my fellow humans. These people will refuse to see reality even after global food productivity crashes, leaving mountains of bodies on every continent. I’m sure these people will try to tap into the methane from these piles of rotting corpses rather than contemplate a different way of life right now to avoid such a fate.

Here are a few recent examples of the obstructionists to our survival:

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Steve Stockman recently stated:

The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out.

I’ve heard elementary school children with more eco-awareness and appreciation for planet Earth than from this so-called representative of the American people. Actually, it would be more accurate to call Stockman a representative of the fossil fuel industry and corporate heads, rather than someone interested in the habitability of the planet and continued existence of any sort of “civilization”.

Or this brilliant Stockman observation:

Natural gas and oil give us cheap, clean energy and life-saving plastics, petrochemicals. Environmentalists want to turn back human progress.

The possibility of running out of these resources, filling the oceans with country-sized gyres of plastic, or irreparably altering the Earth’s weather to the point that it undermines our very survivability are all thoughts which never enter the mind of a person like Stockman. His thinking revolves solely around propping up an unsustainable system which will soon come to a rude ending.

Or consider the beliefs of Calvin Beisner, representative of an evangelical group:

That[human-caused global warming] doesn’t fit well with the biblical teaching that the earth is the result of the omniscient design, the omnipotent creation and the faithful sustaining of the God of the Bible. So it really is an insult to God.

If we pray more and ‘believe’, this man-made ecological wreckage will all just go away, cleaned up by the eco-friendly hands of a green-conscious God.

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Or how about this declaration:


Beisner said that Genesis dictates humans should “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” This disproves the opinion of the “anti-population growth” activists, according to Beisner, who adds that pollution is a natural byproduct of reality.

Subdue and destroy sounds more like it. The unfolding eco-apocalypse must also be a “natural byproduct of reality.” Such pronouncements sound more like the ramblings of a Jonestown cult leader, only this time it will lead to the extermination of the globe.

And lastly, we’ve put in place our top minds to look after the problem…

Snap 2013-03-22 at 12.00.20

Red spikes like this must mean we are ascending to heaven and getting closer to God…