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Final Fix
In 2012, I have published 163 blog posts with a few notable contributions by Darbikrash and Kramerfaust. All 163 posts are hyperlinked and listed in chronological order below. The top 10 most-viewed posts for 2012 were:

1.) EROEI and the Collapse of Empires
2.) Tipping Points for Runaway Climate Change, Part One
3.) Peak Oil + Peak Phosphorus = Peak Population
4.) Comments on Guy McPherson at Bluegrass Bioneers 2012
5.) The Reality of Climate Change
6.) Voting the “Lesser of Two Evils” is a Wasted Vote for the Status Quo
7.) It’s Not Dystopic Science Fiction Anymore…
8.) The Day The Whole World Went Away
9.) The Joke’s on Us: Guns in a Sociopathic Society
10.) Get Me Off This Crazy Ride!

To recap 2012, I would say it was the year of catastrophic environmental changes with both poles melting, Frankenstorms and global wierding, and severe droughts. We’re following in the steps of most other civilizations through environmental overshoot and destruction of our land-base by industrialization. Climate change is not something humans will be able to adapt to since we have already set into motion a cascade of feedback loops which will raise the global temperature to levels unheard of in the history of mankind. Amazingly, a large percentage of the population still does not believe that climate change is caused by man’s industrial activities over the last couple centuries or that it’s of any consequence. Mass media propaganda has served the interests of the elite well, but to the detriment of us all.

2012 also saw the further rise of the Security and Surveillance State which has strengthened and consolidated the power of corporate rule in America. Grass-roots movements can be preemptively disbanded and discredited through covert intelligence operations that make use of America’s hi-tech monitoring system integrating all electronic communications.

Chris Hedges says:

The corporate state knows that the steady deterioration of the economy and the increasingly savage effects of climate change will create widespread social instability. It knows that rage will mount as the elites squander diminishing resources while the poor, as well as the working and middle classes, are driven into destitution. It wants to have the legal measures to keep us cowed, afraid and under control. It does not, I suspect, trust the police to maintain order. And this is why, contravening two centuries of domestic law, it has seized for itself the authority to place the military on city streets and citizens in military detention centers, where they cannot find redress in the courts. The shredding of our liberties is being done in the name of national security and the fight against terrorism. But the NDAA is not about protecting us. It is about protecting the state from us. That is why no one in the executive or legislative branch is going to restore our rights. The new version of the NDAA, like the old ones, provides our masters with the legal shackles to make our resistance impossible. And that is their intention.

Hyperlinked list of posts for 2012:

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