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…So, with the most recent BLS data, 20% of the popular vote would be less than 48 million people.   Of course, let’s be frank.  Neither political party wants every American to vote.  Voter suppression in both parties is as American as apple pie.  The Republicans don’t want all of those people they have thrown under the bus to come to the polls.  And, the Democrats don’t want all of those voters showing up that they endlessly lie to with empty promises.  If one person-one vote democracy was really an intent under a system controlled by political parties, money couldn’t buy a politician, we would have a national voting day where everyone had the day off, we would have a system that truly educates people on issues rather than one of demagogy and lies, we would provide free public transportation to those unable to get to the polls themselves and numerous other incentives for people to vote.  The smaller the turnout, the more the status quo benefits in a system of looting, pillaging, exploitation and corruption.  Or so their perception goes… – link

One thing is certain – both corporate puppets support the system that is killing you:

Post Script:

An important point was brought up by Alex Smith of EcoShock Radio about the numbers in this post. The list of top campaign contributors by Opensecrets does not include the dark world of Super PACs and other tax-exempt groups which can shield the identity of their donorsa billion spent on the presidential race. See the comments section of this post for further details.