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Periodically I will edit my RSS feeds and add to my videos/movies and notes/documents sections if I find something interesting. I came across the following documentary tonight and watched it in its entirety. It’s about renegade architect Michael Reynolds. He experiments with creating self-sufficient housing for the future. He’s fully aware of the unfolding global crisis and he funnels his creative energy into dealing with that reality. The film is well worth your time, but I found the latter half of the film even more interesting, especially his dealings with the sclerotic New Mexico State Legislature and the seemingly insurmountable hurdles of trying to pass a bill that would allow for new ideas in sustainable housing. The word games and wheel-greasing that goes on in government is in full display as Mike tries for years to get his bill approved.

A couple quotes from the film:

Politics does slowly, slowly grind things out, and that’s fine if we had hundreds and hundreds of years on this planet. We have decades left on this planet of life as we know it. And American politics is a fucking dinosaur that is not going to make it. It’s just going to come to a grinding halt…

…The American dream in my opinion is in the toilet. It’s history. It’s gone. The American dream is now how do we survive the future. It’s not having an eight bedroom home with eleven bathrooms. It’s not having a career and a lawn and all the amenities. It is simply how do our children and children’s children even have a chance at life.