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I wasn’t paying attention to the news yesterday and completely missed the horrific headlines of the latest bloodletting in Connecticut which comes right on the heels of a mall shooting in Oregon. The reason I looked at the news was because I noticed an old posting I did was getting renewed viewing – The Joke’s on Us: Guns in a Sociopathic Society. I re-read the post and stand by everything in it. There are nearly three times as many licensed gun dealers in America than there are grocery stores. Gun dealers are about as common as gas stations in this country! And I’m reminded again of this society’s ingrained gun culture. Take for instance the Christmas event that was started recently in Arizona:

Scottsdale Gun Club offers photo opportunity with Santa | azfamily 

It’s actually pretty fun, you’ve got the guns with Santa and everything and you get to hold them, just a fun family event,” said Scott Daugherty after taking a family photo with Santa as well.

This is the third year the gun club has offered this “Santa and machine guns” photo opportunity.

While some people find the idea of posing with Santa and guns inappropriate, the line out the gun club’s door proves gun aficionados love it.

“We got here about an hour early to make sure because last year the line was really crazy and we decided not to stay, so we figured we better come early this year, we were about third or fourth in line and we’re off to breakfast and ready to ship these pictures off to our family,” said a woman by the name of Abby on her way out.


Such a yuletide family event by Pax Americana in its twilight years:
I had to go back and look up the definition(wikipedia) of Christmas after seeing those photos. I have to wonder if this gun culture is reinforced by a country whose economy revolves around war and the militarization of our society. Maybe a previous President had a point when he said:

“We cannot be both the world’s leading champion of peace and the world’s leading supplier of the weapons of war.

Chart of Smith & Wesson revenues:


Sturm Produced

I’m sure this year will break records for gun sales. Oh, it already did:

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 7.36.00 AM

And you think this species has a chance at long-term survival?