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TED curator Chris Anderson seemed most concerned that “business managers and entrepreneurs would feel insulted” by some remarks about income inequality.

We’ve long heard complaints that TED is elitist. The annual conference in California costs $7,500 to attend and is nearly impossible to get into, even for those who can afford the price tag; it is widely considered to be “unofficially invite-only.”

Still, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t gone down a TED video rabbit hole at least once. Snobby as they may be, those TED folks sure know how to pull together some fascinating speakers and share their talks online in a compelling way. [Continues at website…]

Yeah the wealthy create jobs… for the slave-wage labor in China and Mexico.

Yeah the wealthy create jobs… for the army of lobbyists who secure the elite’s interests by buying the politicians.

Yeah the wealthy create jobs… for the army of Security State goons who lock up the debt-ridden and unemployed former members of the now defunct Middle Class.