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Stephanie McMillan
Stephanie is the award-winning creator of the comics “Minimum Security” and “Code Green.” Her books include “The Beginning of the American Fall,” “As the World Burns,” and “The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad.” She is an organizer for the anti-captialist/anti-imperialist group One Struggle (onestruggle.net), and works on the publication project Idees Nouvelles, Idees Proletariennes (koleksyon-inip.org). Her website is here.

I’ve made the book available to the left under “Notes and Documents” under Stephanie McMillan’s Capitalism Must Die.

“Feel free to download it and share it with others. I want it to be widely distributed and contribute to the fight against capitalism, so I’ve made it “pay anything or nothing” and used a Creative Commons license. I hope it is useful. We really need to bring the system down, or all could soon be lost.” – link

Interview conducted by Derrick Jensen:

Post Script:

I promised a better answer to the first comment Pfgetty2013 made to this post:

“No way are we going to give up capitalism, at least not until most of humanity, and much of the rest of the living world, has died. There simply isn’t another plan that makes sense to the people with the power, or to most of us peons.
Nice to think about though.”

This frame of mind is exemplar of how our current form of civilization – global capitalism(or capitalist industrial civilization, as I like to call it) – ideologically dominates its inhabitants.  People cannot even begin to imagine a different way of living because they have been made dependent on the system through dispossession of alternative means of subsistence. The masses have truly been reduced to consumers who are taught not to question the system, but to be obedient and conforming.

The superstructure of global capitalism is supported and protected by its institutions and ideas:

1.) Governments and their legal systems administer and regulate the capitalist process.

2.) The military, police, prison complex, and surveillance apparatus serve to enforce the capitalist process.

3.) The consumer culture only allows pro-market solutions.

These three pillars of the capitalist superstructure are very sophisticated and persuasive in diverting and co-opting discontent into forms that reinforce capitalism’s own institutions. Elections, corporate-funded nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations(NGO’s), community-based organizations(CBO’s), corporate-funded think tanks, etc. reinforce the system of capitalist authority and the illusion of democracy. They make people feel they are making a difference, when in fact the participants are tightening the bonds of their own oppression. Capitalism has been very adept at separating the worker from their environment.

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This is why many indigenous societies whose culture and land has been usurped by global capitalism say that they “must first decolonize their minds.”