I was starting my next post when I inadvertently ran into my piece of work being used on another site without referring to the original creator – me. The owner of that site lifted my work and then changed a few words and presented it as his own sweat and blood. Look people, most of these posts take four to six hours of reading, research, and thinking on my part before I present them to you. If you are going to use my work, then show some basic morals and etiquette by referencing where you got the material as I always do. Using another author’s work without acknowledging that person’s effort is extremely disrespectful and it creates copyright infringement problems. It’s just like taking an artist’s painting or other work and erasing their signature so you can replace it with your own fraudulent name. It’s theft no matter how you look at it.

I don’t charge anyone or collect any monies for the work I do here in my effort to try to shed light on the real news that’s underreported or not reported at all. All I ask is that you reference where you got the work. This is a basic code of the internet. A number of places use my work such as 3es.weebly.com and Carolyn Baker in her newsletter, and they always reference this site. As long as proper recognition is given, I don’t have a problem with anyone using my work. But until I get some resolution on this particular infringement, I am withholding further blog posts on this site.

The offending, plagiarizing post: